CBA June 2013 Meeting

The CBA Board members put together another terrific cookout.  The weather was absolutely perfect!!!!  Once again, the steaks were nice and tender.  Thank you Chris Mueller and Sam Galstan for grilling them to perfection.  Dr. Joe Kennedy was spotted shaking some spices on them.  CBA Board Member, Sam Galstan, presented Fletcher Kelly, SBI VA Waste Services, with the Snead/Stebbens Founder Award.  CBA Board Members, Kristi Higgins and Scott Fisher, teamed up to present fellow board member, Fred Carreras, Fred Carreras & Associates, with a Business Leadership Award.  Congratulations to both of you.  The nominating committee selected some winners!  Thank you Jim and Robin Daniels for sharing your scenic place with us.  A special shout out goes to Mark Resnick for donating the ice for the event! We would also like to thank Steve Mueller for providing us with some great tunes!!!

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